Celebutantes And The Paparazzi

Celebutantes are celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight. They know they can have their photo taken wherever they go. The paparazzi can be

How To Be A Celebutante

A celebutante is someone who is famous for being famous, and nothing more than that. Although most people are famous for having a talent

Celebutante Paris Hilton

When it comes to being a celebutante, Paris Hilton wrote the book. In fact, she became a celebutante, long before the word was known.

Sleek Red Carpet Hair Tutorial

Some people watch the Oscar’s to see who wins, others watch for the glamour and the fashion. When it comes to the fashion, all

How To Do Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Jessica Alba is well known for being an exotic beauty, as well as some of the shows and movies that she’s appeared in. Jessica

How To Get The Keira Knightley Red Carpet Look

Keira Knightley is a beautiful actress. She has proven herself to be a wonderful talent in her film roles, and she has also proven

How To Do Kelly Rowland Inspired Makeup With Annaliese Dayes

Kelly Rowland rose to fame in the group Destiny’s Child. Although the group disbanded many years ago, the members, Kelly and Beyonce are looked

How To Do Sam Faiers Makeup

Every girl needs to be a glamour queen at one point or another in life, and if you have decided you want Sam Faiers

How To Do Your Makeup Like Cara Delevingne

Model Cara Delevingne’s beauty look as made her one of the hottest and youngest English models to grace the cover of Vogue. The former

How To Dress Like Rachel Bilson

Let’s face it – Rachel Bilson is absolutely adorable! We love her. A lot of this has to do with her sweet personality which

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