Why Are So Many Celebrity Gift Bags Given Away During Award Season

Awards shows are big money makers for television. Many of the networks have companies that pay for advertising during this time because millions of

How To Get David Beckham Abs

David Beckham is well known for his contribution to the Football world, over the years. Although he has retired from Football, he’s still fondly

How To Be A Celebutante

A celebutante is someone who is famous for being famous, and nothing more than that. Although most people are famous for having a talent

How To Do Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Jessica Alba is well known for being an exotic beauty, as well as some of the shows and movies that she’s appeared in. Jessica

How To Dress Like Victoria Beckham

Whether or not you like Victoria Beckham, the woman is full of style. Everyday to her is a runway fashion show, and she is

How To Get A Ryan Reynolds Body

You can now take the opportunity to make yourself look like a celebrity with a few simple workout moves. If you are interested in

How To Get Ushers Abs

When it comes to the success, it’s easy to see that Usher has more than just mu-sical talent. His athletic prowess and carved out

How To Do Sam Faiers Makeup

Every girl needs to be a glamour queen at one point or another in life, and if you have decided you want Sam Faiers

Celebutante Paris Hilton

When it comes to being a celebutante, Paris Hilton wrote the book. In fact, she became a celebutante, long before the word was known.

How To Dress Like Rachel Bilson

Let’s face it – Rachel Bilson is absolutely adorable! We love her. A lot of this has to do with her sweet personality which

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